Down East Connect is a local farm-to-table non-profit, targeting the southeast region of North Carolina. Our program is a grassroots effort to bridge the gap between urban consumers and rural producers by offering the services of an online farmers market and organizing fresh from the farm deliveries from a wide variety of local farms on an efficient one-day-per-week schedule - and now powered by Farmzie!

Exciting changes are happening everyday on the 24-7 online marketplace. Local farmers are utilizing high-tunnels, low-tunnels, greenhouses, and state-of-the-art efficiency to grow healthy, affordable produce all year. Enjoy the fresh flavor of local farms combined with the convenience of online-shopping while supporting the sustainable efforts local foods producers.

Your support directly influences the availability of locally-grown produce, so get to know your farmers and shop local!

Farmzie is a platform which connects farmers to markets while providing them with powerful marketing and transaction tools. Farmzie helps Farmers Markets increase foot traffic supports pre-ordering. Farmzie simplifies finding local fresh food for consumers, restaurants, grocery chains, and distributors.

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